Print FAQ

What products can I order?

Blinkbuggy is proud to be partnering with MILK Tailor Made Books to offer three incredible print products for your special Blinkbuggy memories. We currently offer:

  • Memory Books
  • Custom Gallery Frames
  • Custom Folded cards

For more details on each product, visit the Blinkbuggy Print page by clicking the “Print” button on the top left of the navigation bar. Please note that you will need to be signed in to your account and that these products are only available for print via the web.

Important Note: If you have a pop-up blocker enabled, you will need to allow pop-ups for this site once you hit the PRINT button, in order to continue.

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What content can I print from my Blinkbuggy web account?

For the Memory Books and Folded Cards, you will have access to all of your memories including Notes, Quotes and image descriptions. Using the customized templates, you will be able to choose which content goes where to best tell your story.

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How do I add my Blinkbuggy photos to my print project?

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How do I add my Blinkbuggy Notes, Quotes and image descriptions to my print project?

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How do I access my Blinkbuggy memories for the print products?

(See videos above for a visual tutorial on access your memories)

For all the products, hovering over the content area will make an Edit button appear. Depending on the product and template you are using, the button will either say “Edit Image” or “Edit Text” (See screenshots below).

The process for selecting photos, Notes and Quotes for Memory Books, Gallery Frames and Folded cards are very similar but there are some subtle differences to be aware of, as we describe below.

Accessing Blinkbuggy Photos

For photos (applies to all three products), clicking on the “Edit Image” button will bring up the Content Tool box as well as a source selection popup where you will be able to choose memories from Blinkbuggy or directly from your computer. When you select “Upload from Blinkbuggy” you will see all of your Collections and the photos within. You can select any of these memories to bring into your Content Tool Box.

For Memory Books only, you can also begin the process of importing your photo memories from Blinkbuggy by selecting the “MY CONTENT” button on the top navigation as shown on the screenshot below

Milk photo template faq

Accessing Blinkbuggy Notes, Quotes and Image Descriptions

(Applies to Memory Book and Folded Cards)

We’re excited to say that in addition to your Blinkbuggy Photos, you can also import those amazing Notes and Quotes that you’ve been gathering as well as the descriptions you’ve already added for your photos.

For the Memory Books, we’ve designed some custom templates with dedicated areas for Notes and Quotes. As you can see in the screenshot below, these templates have an orange box which indicates where the notes and Quotes can go.

Within the product, hovering over a text field will show the “Edit Text” button. Clicking this button will bring up the Text Toolbox where you can either add your own content or, by selecting the “Blinkbuggy” logo at the top right corner, import your Notes, Quotes or Image Descriptions.

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What kind of images and quality do I need?

Images need to be saved in a JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) format. You can scale, flip or rotate your images, or apply borders to your images from your Image Toolbox.

Technical Notes:

  • Images need to be JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) format.
  • For the best results we recommend an image quality of 300dpi, although images over 150dpi will still be suitable for printing.
  • We don't recommend using images less than 150dpi as we can't guarantee their print quality, and images less than 100dpi will result in pixelation. If an image isn't of high enough quality for the size of the image box selected, you'll see a warning icon.
  • If you don't have a higher quality image, we suggest you select a page layout containing a smaller image box.
  • For best results we recommend saving images in sRGB. Using other RGB formats (such as Adobe RGB) can result in some distortion or loss of color when printing.
  • You can scale or resize an image from 100–200% in the Image Toolbox. If you want to crop an image, we recommend you use a program such as Photoshop or iPhoto before importing it.
  • Please be aware that editing software that offers the ability to up-scale your image (i.e save at a higher resolution) will not increase the quality of your picture; this will only smooth out the pixels, so instead of a sharply pixelated printed image, you will have a soft-focus / slightly blurry image instead.
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What is the Memory Book cover made of?

The Blinkbuggy+MILK Memory Books all come with beautiful, high quality linen fabric covers. As part of the creation process, you will be able to choose from a range of colors for your cover. You can change this at any time by selecting the Design Toolbox and clicking the COVER tab, or, at checkout, using the Change Cover option.

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Can I choose a different cover image template for my Memory Book?

Unfortunately, not yet. We are only able to offer one template at this time. We are working with our print partners to offer additional cover template options in the near future so stay tuned!

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I chose a specific font but once I imported my Notes, Quotes and image descriptions, the font was different. How can I get the one I wanted?

You can choose from five text styles for your book: Contemporary, Classic, Handwriting, Modern Vintage, and Typewriter.

When you start your book, you'll be prompted to choose a text style, but if this changes after importing your Note, Quotes or image description, you can re-select the text style you prefer at any time from the Design Toolbox. When you choose a font, it will apply across your whole book. The default text style is Contemporary.

Each text box (captions, headings or pages) has a default text size. You can change the size by selecting the EDIT TEXT option. You can also change the style (bold, italic) and alignment of your text at any time from the Text Toolbox. Text colors are black or white, depending on your chosen color palette. The colors available will depend on the Color Palette you have chosen for your book, which can be accessed from the DESIGN button.

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Can I rearrange the order of the pages in my memory book?

Yes! All of your page layouts are displayed as thumbnails at the bottom of your screen. To move a page, simply click on the page you want to move, and drag and drop it to where you want it in your book. (Note that although you click on just one page, the entire spread will become red. Only the selected page will move however.) Your selected page will drop to the left of the bar cursor.

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Can I add pages to my memory book?

Yes! Memory books start at a minimum of 20 pages. You can add pages to your Blinkbuggy+MILK Photo Book two “spreads” (four page sides) at a time, by clicking the + tab in the book editor. Extra pages will be added immediately after your selected spread. Please Note: Additional pages cost $1.00 per page.

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Why do I sometimes see Moleskine and other brand information?

Our partner, MILK, also has a partnership with Moleskine. Their original site was built around this partnership including the ordering and payment systems. In order to provide you, our Blinkbuggy users, with the capability to print as quickly as possible, Blinkbuggy and MILK are utilizing the current systems to allow for easy ordering and payment. Due to technical restrictions, these parts of the ordering process will still show the Moleskine+MILK branding. There is no relationship between the Moleskine+MILK products and the Blinkbuggy+MILK products and there will be no impact on your products.

The Blinkbuggy+MILK partnership has been specifically designed to provide you a unique experience with safe and secure access to your Blinkbuggy memories. As our partnership grows, Blinkbuggy and MILK will continue to build a seamless Blinkbuggy+MILK experience.

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Who do I email if I have questions?

For all technical and payment issues, please email and include “Blinkbuggy” in the subject line.

For general comments, questions and ideas, please email us at

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What do I do if my offer code isn’t working?

If you have checked your code’s expiration date and continue to experience difficulty, please contact us at

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How can I create another print project in the same session?

To start another project, return to the Blinkbuggy Print page ( in your account and choose the product you would like to create. This will open in a separate window so you will now have one print project in each window.

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How can I pay for multiple items at the same time?

In order to pay for multiple items together, simply hit ‘Order’ in the top right hand corner of the page. From the next page, begin the Pay & Print process by hitting the ‘Pay & Print’ button located below the project image and description. Once you have done these two steps in each open window for the projects you would like to order, the items will be in your ‘Basket’. now you can click on ‘Basket’ from the upper right hand corner in any of the open windows and this should bring you to a page where all of your projects that are ready for purchase (those for which you have completed the two steps explained above) are listed and you will be able to checkout and pay for them all together.

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