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TimeLapse FAQ

How do I get started on Blinkbuggy?

To help you make the most of Blinkbuggy and quickly start capturing all the amazing things happening in your lives, check out this brief video overview of the Blinkbuggy site and see below for a few "starter" tips.

Starter Tips

Tip 1: ADD

The easiest way to get started is simply to ADD memories to your Blinkbuggy account. Adding memories is easy: You can either click on ADD MEMORY in the main navigation or click on the first box in the Grid with the plus sign. Then select the type of memory (Quote, Note or Photo) you'd like to add.

Add memory

Tip 2: Fill out the details!

As you're adding your memories, you will also be able to add details such as the date, description, tags, privacy level, etc (see screenshot below). Click DONE when you're ready and you will soon see your memories in your grid.

Add details Keep in mind, your Grid is arranged from newest to oldest by default so your new memories will be placed in their relevant chronological place. You can easily change this by using the sort drop down at the top left of the grid to sort in a different way (for example, to see the memories you most recently added, select "Date added (Newest first) from the sort menu). Sort by

Tip 3: Share your memories...(but only if you want to!) or just continue to add more memories.

If you do decide to share your Blinkbuggy memories with friends and family, you can easily do so by clicking on the share icon located at the bottom right of each memory (see screen shot below). Keep in mind though, that memories you wish to share must be either Public or set to Custom privacy. (see Share memory screen shot)

Share redesign

You can share multiple memories simultaneously by selecting them with the check box at the top right of each memory you'd like to share. Then click "Share" on the global action bar just above the top right of the grid.

We hope that the information above helps you get started on your Blinkbuggy journey. Happy memories!

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What is your position on Privacy?

This is a very important issue to us.  As parents ourselves, we're very sensitive to privacy especially when it comes to our children and family. Our philosophy is this:  the content you choose to put on Blinkbuggy belongs to YOU, not us. In building Blinkbuggy, one of the key tenants we subscribe to is that you, the user, control your content, especially as it relates to the privacy of that content. Any content that you deem private will remain so and will not be used or shared by Blinkbuggy for any purpose without your permission. You are putting a lot of trust in us and in Blinkbuggy by putting your family and children on the site and that trust is paramount to us. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

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Do you have a mobile app?

Yes! The iPhone app is now available on the App Store. You can download it by clicking on the button below or by searching for Blinkbuggy in the app store.

Badge appstore lrg

The Android app is under development and we’ll be sending out updates as we get closer to launch so stay tuned! Until then, Android users can use our Mobile optimized site on their mobile browser. Another easy way to synch photos from an Android device is to use the Instant Upload option with G+. This will automatically upload your photos taken with your Android device to a private folder on your G+ photos page. When you are on Blinkbuggy, you can import directly from G+ by clicking on ADD MEMORY > Photos > Import > Google+. When the Google+ import window loads, you can select the Instant Upload from your album drop down and quickly and easily select the best of the best for your Blinkbuggy page. It doesn't replace the need for an Android app, but, hopefully, it helps ease the pain.

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What can I do with the mobile app?

The Blinkbuggy mobile app allows you to capture, organize, view and share memories on-the-go as they happen as well as change account profile settings such as adding children. It's a natural complement to your Blinkbuggy web account.

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Can I share memories from the mobile app?

Yes, if you'd like to share memories directly from the mobile app, you must switch the memory's privacy setting on the app from Private ( Lock ) to Public ( Globe ) and then click the share arrow on the memory.

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Can I import from Social Media?

Absolutely!  You can currently import from Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.  We’re working on adding capabilities to allow you to import your memories from other sources too.  To import, go to ADD MEMORY, select “Photo” and then choose your social media of choice and import away!

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Can I upload Video/Audio?

Yes! You can upload videos to Blinkbuggy. We are working on audio.

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I have more than one child.  Do I need a separate account for each child?

No. We approach this with the view that the memories we capture are all part of one big story with several key characters - our children, parents, grandparents, friends. etc. - and we don’t want to separate the characters and lose the richness from their interconnectedness.  Rather than multiple accounts, we think a better way to manage memories for multiple children on Blinkbuggy is to have one account and use the built-in tagging system to associate memories with specific children or people.  For more, check out our blog post here

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Can I export my memories from Blinkbuggy?

Yes!  Our philosophy is that the memories you put up on Blinkbuggy are yours and Blinkbuggy was designed with that in mind.  We added the ability for you to export all of your memories to a file on your computer at any time. This is great for backups and making sure that you have another layer of control and protection to keep your memories safe.  You’ll find the “Export” function on the bottom of your “Account Settings” page.  For more detail, see our blog post here

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How do I find other members of Blinkbuggy or invite family/friends to join?

Finding friends who are already members of Blinkbuggy or inviting friends to join Blinkbuggy so you can share is easy! Simply go to your "Friends" page (from the main navigation) and on the upper right corner you will see "Invite Friends". Click on this to search for friends on Blinkbuggy or invite them from Facebook, Gmail or by emailing an invitation directly from Blinkbuggy. For more detail on this feature, check out our Blog post, Blinkbuggy Feature Update: Inviting Friends.

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How can I rearrange memories?

You can rearrange memories from within a collection by dragging and dropping in the order you desire.

Whenver you filter down to a single Collection, you will have the option to sort by Custom Order, which is the order in which you arranged your memories within that Collection.

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How do I delete my account?

Say it ain't so! Ohh, the humanity!

Our weak attempt at humor is really just a cover up of our sadness. It pains us to see you leave but, if that's really what you want, we will of course respect your decision (but we don't have to like it!). Currently, Blinkbuggy members cannot delete their own accounts (although we will be adding this capability in the near future). In the mean time, if you would like to delete your account, simply send your first name, last name and the email address associated with your account to with the subject "Delete Account". We will then delete it for you. To help us improve the site, any information you could include on why you decided to leave Blinkbuggy would be greatly appreciated. With this information, perhaps we can even get you to come back soon!

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Can I upload the videos to share through social media?


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Can I rearrange the order of the video clips within a specific TimeLapse?

YES! from the EDIT screen you can change the date associated with the clip and the app will reorder by chronological date. Drag and drop to reorder is coming soon!

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Can I choose the 3 seconds from each video that I would like to be used for the TimeLapse?

Not at this time, but you will be able to soon!

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Is there an Android app?

It is in development—stay tuned.

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How many videos can I upload at one time?

You can upload 5 videos at once from an iPhone; from our web application, you can upload 10.

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What size videos do you accept?

You can upload videos up to 100MB to our TimeLapse feature. If you have larger videos you’d like to view and share individually through Blinkbuggy, you can do so directly in the MEMORIES portion of the app. Easy!

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Are the original videos saved in their entirety?

YES! A compressed version of the entire video is stored on our secure servers and will appear in the MEMORIES portion of your app. Compressed quality videos are perfect for viewing and sharing on the web.

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