About Blinkbuggy

Blinkbuggy is the place to build your personal lifelog! It offers parents a new solution that allows them to easily and privately log their children’s lives from birth, through first steps, and on to adulthood.

Blinkbuggy makes the process of gathering photos easy, whether it's uploading from your hard drive, importing from social media or taking them directly from your camera phone with the Blinkbuggy app. Blinkbuggy also allows you to go beyond just photos by capturing notes, milestones, quotes, artwork, etc in order to tell the whole story.

We believe that photos and images are a core part of telling our story but not the only, or even always the most important part. In order to tell the whole story, we also need the context surrounding those images, as well as the stories and moments that live only in our memories...until now. The 'Notes' and 'Quotes' features in Blinkbuggy are designed for exactly that purpose - to tell the whole story.

Blinkbuggy's simple yet powerful organizational tagging system makes your memories easy to find today, tomorrow or 20 years from now. Last but not least, with Blinkbuggy, privacy comes first. You are always in control of your content and your privacy. Share with everyone, a select few or keep the memories all to yourself. It is up to you, and only you.

Memories happen in a blink...hold onto them with Blinkbuggy!